Why I Win

Don’t be fooled by attorneys whose ads sound like a battle cry: “Fight!” “It’s War!” “I’ll fight for you to the last man!” ” I’m the proven fighter.”

A good attorney knows how to fight for his clients. The better attorney also knows how to use diplomacy to help his clients. The BEST attorney is the one who has both these skills and also possesses the experience to know when to use each.

If all you do is look for a “fighter,” you may be hurting your chances. Fighting is great if there exists a clear strategy to improve the client’s position. But in the wrong situation fighting can do more harm than good. My approach is a comprehensive one:  assess the case, evaluate the evidence, fight if we can gain ground, negotiate if it will take us farther. Always, however, work to present my client in the best light so that he or she receives every possible consideration, grace, and leniency the criminal justice system has to offer.

This is why your phone call to me will be the first step in turning the tables on the natural fear and worry you’re experiencing.

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