“I had the good sense to appoint José Fanego to my staff when I was Prosecuting Attorney back in the ‘70’s (a post I held from 1972 to 1988). José quickly advanced through the ranks at the Prosecutor’s Office to become one of the top trial lawyers, and has consistently been ranked among the top trial lawyers in criminal defense ever since those days. José is ethical, talented, and a very skillful trial attorney. He has developed a strictly criminal practice using his talents in defense of those charged with breaking the law…I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

Whenever someone I know needs a criminal defense attorney, I always give them José’s number.”

~L. Brooks Patterson

Oakland County Executive and former Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney

“Truly one of the best.”

Hon. Barry L. Howard

Former Chief Judge of Oakland County Circuit Court


“I was arrested last year on drug charges. I didn’t know any lawyers so I asked my neighbor and some guys at work. They all gave me the same name: José Fanego. I hired him and we went to court for the first time together a few weeks later. We walked into the courtroom and the judge literally interrupted a hearing that was in progress to say ‘Good morning, Mr. Fanego. It’s a pleasure to see you.’ It blew my mind! That was the moment I realized everything was going to be okay. José is really well known in the courts and is highly respected by his peers. He knows every single person we dealt with by first name, and knew how to get from point A to point B the easiest possible way. Two trips to court later, and I ended up with a brief period of probation, no jail and no criminal record. I now know it was not a coincidence that several different people gave me the same attorney name. He’s just that good.”
– Carl B., Rochester Hills

“I was charged with domestic violence and ended up on the six o’clock news because of my job. It was the most embarrassing thing I had ever gone through. My mug shot displayed for all to see! I found José through a judge who recommended him. José went to work immediately, managing the case in such a way that the press lost interest and eventually stopped inquiring. Without the television spotlight on my case, I was able to be treated fairly instead of like a prisoner in the Roman coliseum. I took responsibility for my mistake, and the judge gave me lenience because José was able to demonstrate that I have lived a good, respectful life in all other aspects. José made a terrible situation a lot better. I recommend him to anybody who asks me for a criminal lawyer.”
– Thomas G., Bloomfield Hills