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Why settle for a law firm when you can have the dedicated service of a private attorney? Reach out to Jose today - he prioritizes face-to-face consultations, ensuring you receive personalized attention every step of the way. With Jose, you'll never be passed off to an associate, clerk, or paralegal. Your case deserves direct attention from an experienced professional.

I hired Jose after being arrested for DUI and drawing the strictest district court judge in the county. He managed my case professionally, and advised me wisely over the course of my case. Amazingly, I did not get any jail time!
- Kay
Jose was my lawyer, and he helped keep me from getting kicked out of school. He got one of my charges completely erased, and on the other one he negotiated to get it dropped to a lesser crime. He saved my life!
– Former Client
I had a 20 year dope case and he got me 2 years probation. Best guy, gave it to me 100% and he was court appointed too. Usually court appointed don’t give a crap but he actually cared and you could tell he knew I was a good person that didn’t deserve to do time like that.
– Former Client
Truly one of the best.
– Hon. Barry L. Howard, Former Chief Judge of Oakland County Circuit Court

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