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Drug Crimes in Oakland County

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Drug crimes cover a wide array of offenses with varying levels of severity, but all are taken seriously in Michigan.

Types of drug crimes in Michigan include:

  • Simple possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug trafficking
  • Illegal use or sale of prescription drugs
  • Distribution of Medical Marijuana

I understand that facing potential drug charges can be upsetting. My office is committed to providing legal counsel that is both vigorous and discreet so that I can best serve my clients’ interests. In addition to English, I am fluent in Spanish, Italian and French and believe strongly in cultivating respectful relationships with his clients.

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Practicing Criminal Defense Attorney for Over 26 Years

It is paramount that you speak to a lawyer if you are accused of a crime involving drugs. I have over 26 years’ experience in criminal defense, and I combine aggressive advocacy of his clients with strong professional discretion.

Worried? Call my office today at (248) 516-0988 to discuss your case. I do not believe in giving clients the run-around.

Why José R. Fanego, Attorney at Law?

  • Highly Responsive Attorney

    I am highly responsive to my client's communication and legal needs.

  • Dedicated Attention to Each Case

    My clients work directly me until the completion of the case.

  • 26 Years of Criminal Defense Experience

    My years of experience and knowledge allow me to properly navigate the system and successfully defend your case

  • Practicing Criminal Defense Law Exclusively

    By limiting my practice to criminal law, I am able to preserve the quality of my representation & remain well-versed in my field.

Stories From
Successful Cases

  • José made a terrible situation a lot better. I recommend him to anybody who asks me for a criminal lawyer.

    “José went to work immediately, managing the case in such a way that the press lost interest and eventually stopped inquiring. Without the television spotlight on my case, I was able to be treated fairly instead of like a prisoner in the Roman coliseum.”

    Thomas G.

  • I had a 20 year dope case and he got me 2 years probation.

    “You could tell he knew I was a good person that didn't deserve to do time like that.”

    Former Client

  • Two trips to court later, and I ended up with a brief period of probation, no jail and no criminal record.

    “I now know it was not a coincidence that several different people gave me the same attorney name. He’s just that good.”

    Carl B.

  • Truly one of the best.

    “Truly one of the best.”

    Hon. Barry L. Howard, Former Chief Judge of Oakland County Circuit Court

  • Amazingly, I did not get any jail time!

    “He managed my case professionally and advised me wisely over the course of my case. ”